Meta Tags Analyzer

Analyze the meta tags used by sites for free

What are Meta Tags?

In the internet world, the success and visibility of sites largely depend on search engines. Search engines scan and index sites so that users can quickly and effectively access the information they are looking for. This is where Meta Tags come into play in the indexing phase. So, what is a meta tag?

Meta tags are tags located in the HTML code of a site page and describe the content of the page. These tags are not directly visible to the user, but search engines read them.

What Does Meta Tag Extractor Do?

Meta tag extractor is a tool that automatically analyzes the meta tags of a web page and presents them to you. This tool allows you to easily access metatag information by entering the URL. Here are the benefits of a meta tag extractor:

Saving time: Manually reviewing the source code of each page is time-consuming. Our meta tag extractor tool speeds up this process considerably.

Detailed Analysis: The tool allows you to access many details such as meta title, description, viewport, meta robots and author information.

Error Detection: If you have incorrect or missing meta tags, you can easily detect them with this tool.

SEO Compatible Content Development: You can improve your site's search engine rankings by analyzing whether your meta tags comply with SEO rules.

How to Use Meta Tag Extractor?

Step 1: Enter the URL of the page whose meta tags you are curious about in the first box.

Step 2: You can start our tool's meta tag analysis process by clicking the "Analyze" button. Our tool will analyze the URL and present it to you. Among the information it provides, you can find the title, short description, author and much more.

All you need to do are these two steps. Our agent will do all the remaining operations. The image below shows the results of meta tag analysis using our tool. You will get similar outputs when you use our tool.