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What is QR Code?

QR code, that is, Quick Response code, is a type of barcode consisting of black and white squares that allows quick scanning. These codes, which were first designed for use in the automotive industry in Japan, are now widely used in many areas around the world. They can be easily read using camera-enabled smartphones and tablets and can contain a variety of information. This information can span a wide range of areas, such as websites, personal information, and product information.

Nowadays, it has a vast area, especially on TV. It may be difficult to note the URL of a site at the same time because there is not enough time to promote a product. At this point, you can quickly access the product page without typing a link by scanning the code on the TV within seconds.

In Which Areas Are QR Codes Used?

Advertising and Marketing: QR codes are used on billboards, brochures, magazines and even television commercials. By scanning these codes, users can instantly access more information about the relevant product or service.

Concert and Ticket Systems: QR codes are preferred for ticket verification in events such as concerts, cinemas and sports events. They provide a fast and secure login. Nowadays, many cinema box offices operate with this system.

Personal Use: QR codes can be used to share personal information, websites or social media profiles. It is possible to see such codes on business cards.

Education and Training: QR codes are used to provide quick access to educational materials. Students can access relevant resources by scanning these codes.

How can I create a QR code image online?

Our online QR code generator allows users to create their own QR codes simply and effectively. All you need is a URL or text to encode. Using our tool, fill in the relevant field and generate your QR code in a few seconds. The generated QR code can be downloaded and saved in various formats, making it ideal for advertising materials or personal use.

Can I Convert Any Link to QR Code?

Yes, our online QR code generator is capable of converting almost any type of link into a QR code. Whether it's a web page, a video link, or a social media profile, our tool takes the link and quickly converts it into a readable QR Code. This feature is handy for digital marketing and personal branding. By scanning these codes, users are directed directly to relevant content, making it easier to access information and increase engagement.

How to Use the QR Code Generator?

Step 1: Enter the link you want to create in the box. This link can be your website, application link or any other link on the internet.

Step 2: You need to write how many images you want in the image size section. For example, if you type 300, you will have a 300x300 black code image.

Step 3: After filling in the two required fields, you can generate your QR code by clicking the "Generate" button.

Step 4: The image below shows a QR code generated by our website "moryconvert.com". When you create a QR code, you will have an output like the example below. If you wish, you can download this output, that is, the image, to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vehicle

What is QR Code Generation?

QR code generation is the process of converting text, URL, or other data into quickly readable QR codes. Users can quickly access relevant information by scanning these codes with their smartphones or tablets.

What is the difference between creating a QR code and making a QR code?

Creating a QR code and making a QR code basically refer to the same process. Both convert data into optically readable square codes. There is no visible difference to the eye.

How to Create a Free QR Code?

You can use our tool for free QR code generation. You can create your QR code in a few seconds by entering the link or text you want.

Is Converting Link to QR Code Safe?

Yes, converting the link to QR code is completely safe. The generated QR codes embed the entered information directly into the code, and this information becomes accessible only when the code is scanned.

What is PDF QR Code Generation and How is it Done?

PDF QR code generation is the process of converting the link of a PDF file into a QR code. This is especially used to share documents quickly and easily. It is very common in use in high schools and universities.

What Kind of Information Can I Code Using Your QR Code Generator Tool?

With our QR code generator tool you can convert URLs, texts, email addresses, phone numbers and even vCard information into QR codes. By scanning these codes, users can quickly access relevant information.

How Can I Use It After Creating a QR Code?

You can download, print or share the QR code you created on digital platforms. These codes can be used in your advertising images, tickets, business cards or any physical or digital media.