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Online tools play a huge role in the development of the digital world. The tool we developed focuses on VTT and SRT file formats, which are essential for those dealing with video subtitle files. This tool converts between these formats and gives you the output in the format you want.

What is VTT File Format?

VTT (Web Video Text Tracks) is a modern subtitle format often used by web-based video players. Developed as part of the HTML5 standard, VTT has a simple structure that includes timestamps and text. This format may consist of a title, description, and interactive elements, as well as subtitles. VTT files provide subtitles in a way that is compatible with the media, providing viewers with a better experience.

What is SRT?

SRT (SubRip Subtitle) is an older and more common format used to store subtitle files. SRT files consist of timestamps and matching text. Usually supported by DVD players and some video players, this format is popular due to its ease of use and broad compatibility. For this very reason, because it is more popular, you can easily convert your vtt files to srt.

Is It Possible to Convert Files from VTT to SRT?

Nowadays, converting from VTT format to SRT format has become a widespread need. Especially platforms that broadcast video over the internet, and professionals who prepare subtitles may have to convert files in different formats to each other. Our online tool designed to meet this need can quickly and easily convert VTT files to SRT format. All users need to do is upload the VTT file to our tool and start the conversion process.

Our tool converts file content from VTT to SRT by adjusting timestamps and text formats accordingly. This process is usually completed within a few seconds, and users can download the converted file immediately.

In Which Areas Is VTT File Used?

  1. Web Based Video Players: Compatible with HTML5, it is frequently used in modern websites.
  2. Training Videos: It is preferred to provide students with a more effective learning experience. It is often used to add language support to foreign videos.
  3. Online Conferences: It allows presentations to be watched with subtitles.
  4. Accessibility: It makes videos accessible for hearing-impaired users.

In Which Areas Is SRT File Used?

  1. Movie and TV Series Subtitles: It is widely used in DVD and various media players.
  2. Professional Video Productions: It is preferred in subtitle preparation and editing processes.
  3. Video Editing Software: Various editing programs support the SRT format.

How Does Our VTT to SRT Conversion Tool Work?

Step 1: You can upload the VTT file you want to convert using the "Select File" field. If you want to convert the VTT file on a different site, you can also use the "Use Remote URL" button.

Step 2: Once the file selection is complete, simply click on the button called "Convert".

Step 3: When the conversion is completed, you will be shown the conversion texts as a preview.

Step 4: If the texts are converted correctly and as you wish, you can download the converted SRT file to your computer by clicking the "Download Subtitle" button. When the download is completed, the downloaded file name starts with MoryConvert as shown in the image below.