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What is PNG Extension?

PNG extension is a frequently preferred image format, especially in the web environment. Thanks to its lossless compression feature, this format manages to reduce the file size without compromising the original image quality. For this reason, it is especially preferred in graphics where detail and colour richness are essential.

The PNG format also supports transparency, which is a significant advantage for graphic designers and web developers. Keeping the file size at reasonable levels while maintaining image quality has a critical role in accelerating data flow on the internet.

You may also need to convert the ICO file to PNG in some areas. These areas can be your site logo, brochures, or many others.

In such a case, you can use our free tool to make the lossless conversion. Our tool converts ICO to PNG and outputs 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and many other sizes. Regardless of your original file size, our tool offers you the opportunity to download it in these sizes.

In Which Areas ICO File Is Used?

As Favicon on Websites: ICO files are often used for small icons (favicons) that are displayed in the browser tab of websites. These icons are effective in identifying the site and increasing brand awareness.

For Desktop Icons: In operating systems, desktop icons used for applications are usually in ICO format. This ensures that icons appear clearly on different screen resolutions.

Software Development: Software developers prefer icons in ICO format to enrich their user interfaces. This ensures that applications appear user-friendly and aesthetic. It is also preferred because it has a better appearance and size as well as the PNG format.

What are the Differences Between ICO and PNG?

File Structure: While PNG stores a single image, ICO can accommodate multiple cliparts and icons in a single file.

Transparency: Both formats feature transparency, but PNG offers more advanced options in this regard.

Area of Use: While PNG is more commonly used for general image storage and sharing, ICO is especially preferred for icons and icons.

Compression: While PNG performs lossless compression, ICO files can have different compression techniques.

What Does the PNG Converter Tool Do?

Our PNG converter tool allows users to convert their ICO format files to PNG format. This transformation provides ease of use, especially in websites and graphic designs. Additionally, when converting, your image is converted to more than one dimension. You can download whatever size you want to use.

Converting an icon from ICO format to PNG format allows the file to be used in the broader area. For example, when a logo or icon is designed to be used on a website, having this icon in PNG format helps it to be used in different parts of the site without any problems.

How to Use Our ICO to PNG Tool?

Step 1: Upload your ico format file to our tool from the "Select File" field.

Step 2: After the installation is completed, click on the "Convert" button.

Step 3: When the conversion process is completed, your file will be converted to many square formats.

Step 4: You can download your converted image by clicking the "Download" button next to the size of the image you want. Screenshots of the sizes we support are below.