Hosting Checker

You can find out who owns the hosting online by just typing the site address

What is Hosting Inquiry?

It is essential to learn the servers where their sites are hosted. Hosting inquiry is a tool used to know the details of these servers. This service, which we offer free of charge and online, shows which hosting company the site is hosted by, the domain registrar and the hosting IP address. This information is presented in a way that is easily accessible and understandable even for users without technical knowledge.

How can I find out who owns hosting?

It may be necessary to access the hosting information of the site for various reasons. Maybe you are thinking of collaborating with the site owner or want to find out which hosting company he works with. Or you may want to evaluate the security of a website.

In such cases, you can easily access the necessary information by using the hosting inquiry tool. Our tool shows your site's hosting provider, domain registrar and IP address in just a few seconds.

Finding a Hosting Company from the Site Address

Different hosting providers support millions of websites on the internet. This diversity can affect many factors, from security to performance. This information can be critical, especially for web designers, digital marketers, or SEO experts.

Our free hosting inquiry tool allows you to determine which hosting company quickly a website is hosted by. This is a considerable advantage when doing competitive analysis or trying to understand the infrastructure of a website.

How to Make a Hosting Checker?

Step 1: In order to query site hosting, you must enter the URL of your site in the first box.

Step 2: What you need to do in this step is to click the "Check" button. Our tool will automatically perform all the operations for you in the background.

Step 3: When the query is completed, you can access the information below.

  • Hosting Provider
  • Domain Registry Operator
  • Server IP Address

You can access all this information and more by using our tool. The image below shows the hosting query results of our site. When you query different sites, you will access the information in the output below.