Domain to IP

This tool allows you to get information about IP addresses from Domain name online

What is Site IP Inquiry?

In the internet age, the world of websites is vast and complex. Some features make each site unique within this extensive network. One of these features is the IP (Internet Protocol) address that each site has.

So, what is this IP address, and how do you query the site IP? An IP address is a number that uniquely identifies every device on the Internet. When you visit a site, you actually connect to that site's IP address. This IP address is converted at the back and provides you with an output in a format you can understand.

For example

It is pretty difficult to remember the IP address Of course, if you log in to more than one site in daily life, you would have to memorize more than one IP. This is precisely why domains exist and are preferred because they are more memorable.

Site IP query is the process of entering a domain address and finding out the IP address of that site, the country where this IP is located and ISP (Internet Service Provider) information. This inquiry can be easily made online with our tool.

Note: In some shared hosting services, you may see that more than one site may have the same IP address. This is not an error.

Learning the IP Address of the Site from the Domain

The domain address of a website is a catchy name designed to enable users to access the site easily. However, when it comes to technical details, there is an IP address behind every domain. At this point, you may want to learn the IP address of the site from the domain.

Our tool is essential for website designers, system administrators and security experts. Using a domain address, finding out the IP address of that site, which country this IP is in and which ISP provides it provides critical information for various analyses and security checks. Moreover, this query can be done free of charge thanks to our tool.

Is It Possible to Find IP Address from URL?

Internet users often encounter URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A URL indicates the location of a website on the Internet and includes a domain name. So, is it possible to find the IP address of the relevant site using this URL?

Yes. Finding an IP address from a URL is possible thanks to our specially developed tool. Our tool analyzes the URL and reveals the IP address behind it.

This process is beneficial for users who need technical knowledge. For example, if you want to find out which country a website is hosted in or which ISP it serves, we highly recommend you use our tool.

How to Use Site IP Finder Tool?

Step 1: In the box called "Enter Site Address", enter the URL of the site whose IP address you want to learn.

Step 2: In this step, click on the "IP Lookup" button and wait for a few seconds.

Our tool will learn the IP address behind the domain address within seconds and present it to you. The image below shows a sample output of the site IP query using our tool.