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What is Domain Age Inquiry?

Domain age is an indicator of how long a website has been active on the Internet. This refers to the time since a domain name was registered. Just like people, domains have ages. As time goes by, its age and internet awareness increases depending on your site.

Domain age is an important metric, especially for website owners and digital marketers. Because domain age indirectly gives information about the reliability and authority of a website.

Domain age can be queried for free and easily using our tool. This tool we developed shows the first registration date of the domain and, therefore, how long it has been active. As a result of the query, the age of the domain is specified as day, month and year. This information is beneficial to understand the age of the domain on the Internet.

Does Domain Age Matter for SEO?

In the search engine optimization (SEO) process, domain age is one of the frequently discussed topics. The general opinion is that old domains are more reliable than new domains and, therefore, are ranked higher by search engines.

However, this is only sometimes a valid rule. It spreads by word of mouth like an urban legend. Of course, although the age of the site is suitable for recognition, it is not a proven ranking factor.

From an SEO perspective, domain age alone is not the main factor determining a website's search engine ranking. More important are factors such as the content of the website, user experience, and backlink quality. However, it can have a positive effect as it shows that an old domain has been around for a long time and has reached a certain level of reliability.

Is Domain Name Age Reset When It Expires?

Resetting the domain age is often a matter of curiosity in cases of domain renewal or ownership change. Domain renewal is the process of extending the duration of the domain name of the current domain owner, and this process does not affect the age of the domain. So, when a domain is renewed, the domain age is not reset; instead, it is added to the available time.

However, in some cases, the domain age may be reset if the domain ownership changes. This can be especially seen in cases where the domain is completely transferred to a new owner, and the previous content is wholly replaced. However, this is only sometimes the case and may vary depending on various factors. Therefore, specific situations need to be examined in detail to understand whether the domain age has been reset or not.

For example, If you are purchasing a site, your age may not be reset, as the same content will remain on your site when the transfer is made. Of course, keep in mind that this situation may change from time to time.

How to Use Domain Age Checker Tool?

Step 1: In the "Domain Name" section, enter the domain for which you want to query the domain age.

Step 2: Click the "Check" button and get instant results.

Step 3: In the picture below, the domain age of our site has been searched and the results are shown.