DA PA Checker

Learn Online Domain Authority and Page Authority values

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

One of the ways to measure the power and authority of a website in the internet world is the concept of Domain Authority (DA). Developed by Moz, this metric estimates a website's performance in search engines on a scale ranging from 1 to 100.

The DA score is calculated taking into account various SEO factors, including the number and quality of links to the site, site structure, and content quality. A high DA score generally indicates that the site has quality backlinks from reliable sources and that the site has the potential to rank well in search engines.

Let's remember that Google does not provide DA data. In other words, it is not enough just to have high DA and PA values as a ranking factor. There is also the quality of content, links to content and many other ranking factors.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

In addition to Domain Authority, another important metric is Page Authority (PA). PA measures the potential performance of the site's page in search engines. Site page: Both the service description and the pages of your articles or e-commerce products.

Like DA, PA is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 100 and includes similar SEO factors. However, PA only takes into account the link profile and other SEO characteristics of a particular page. Therefore, it reflects the authority of a specific page, not the overall authority of a site.

Online DA PA Inquiry

Online DA and PA inquiry is a method used to quickly and easily understand the authority of the site and its pages. This tool we developed allows users to immediately learn the DA and PA scores of a site or page by entering a URL. The query process is completed within a few seconds and provides essential information for sites to improve their SEO strategies.

Is Bulk DA PA Inquiry Possible?

This tool we developed does not currently perform bulk queries. Queries can be made by entering URLs one by one. Don't worry because the results are shown instantly. Therefore, you can complete your bulk queries in a short time by typing them one by one.

How Does DA and PA Value Checker Tool Work?

Step 1: To query domain authority and page authority, enter the URL of the site in the first box.

Step 2: In this step, you can access the results by clicking the "Check" button.

Step 3: The results are calculated instantly. The queried results look like the image below.

DA and PA Value Ranking

DA/PA Value Meaning Explanation
0-10 Very Low Authority It is typical for new or underdeveloped sites. It requires SEO and content development.
11-20 Low Authority Developing sites. It needs more quality content and backlinks.
21-30 Intermediate Authority Stable sites. A good start, but more development is needed to stand out in the competitive market.
31-40 Good Authority Powerful sites. Good SEO practices and quality backlinks are available.
41-50 Very Good Authority Impressive sites. High traffic and reliability. Continuous development is necessary for greater authority.
51-60 Perfect Authority Industry leaders. High traffic, excellent backlink profile and authority.
61-70 Supreme Authority Very high quality sites. Far-reaching authority and influence.
71-80 Extraordinary Authority Industry authorities. Authoritative sources that reach large audiences.
81-100 Elite Authority The most powerful and effective sites on the internet. Top SEO success and reputation.