Easily convert your XML files to JSON format using our tool

What is XML?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a human- and machine-readable text-based format designed to store and transport data. XML is widely used in web development, software applications, and electronic data interchange. This format keeps the data in a hierarchical structure and this structure is expressed with labels. These tags help define the structure and meaning of the data.

Nowadays, many e-commerce sites list their products with XML. New generation systems prefer to use json because the json format is faster and more reliable.

In Which Fields Is XML Used?

  1. Web Development: XML is frequently preferred for data transportation and API communication on websites. Even though it uses old systems, it is still very popular today.
  2. Software Configurations: XML files are used to store software settings and preferences. It can be stored as xml in the settings made in admin panels such as Wordpress and then uploaded to the new system.
  3. Electronic Data Interchange: It offers a secure and standardized way for business-to-business data transfer.

What is Json?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight format used for storing and transporting data. Similar to XML, JSON is readable by both humans and machines. JSON stores data in the form of name-value pairs or ordered lists of values. This format is widely used in exchanging data and configuration files in web-based applications.

Nowadays, many companies have converted their systems to extract data with JSON because it provides fast answers. Therefore, using the json format may be the right decision for those starting a new project.

What are the Usage Areas of Json?

  1. Web APIs: JSON is widely preferred when exchanging data between web applications.
  2. Mobile Applications: JSON is used in data transfer between mobile applications.
  3. Configuration Files: Software and application settings can be stored in JSON format.

Converting from XML to JSON

XML to JSON conversion is the process of converting data in XML format into JSON format. This process allows data to be moved more easily between different applications and platforms. While the rigid hierarchical structure of XML is transformed into the more flexible structure of JSON, the meaning and structure of the data is preserved. Thanks to the tool we developed, you can convert your xml file to json in seconds.

Can XML-JSON Conversion Be Done Online?

Yes, XML-JSON conversion can be done online. It can be done easily and quickly using our tool. Users can copy-paste XML files into this tool and convert them to JSON format in a few seconds. Our tool is free and works with high efficiency, so users save time and resources.

How to Use XML to JSON Converter?

Step 1: Enter the text in the XML file by copy-pasting it into the box.

Step 2: After completing the text entry, start the conversion process by clicking the "Convert" button.

Step 3: When the conversion is completed, you will see your json output as shown in the image below. You can copy this output and use it wherever you want.