Pressure Units Converter

Convert pressure units such as Psi, Bar, and Pascal online

What is Pressure?

Pressure is a physical measure formed by dividing the force acting perpendicular to a surface by the area of this surface. We encounter the concept of pressure in many areas, from daily life to industry. Pressure is essential in a wide range of areas, from everyday examples such as air pressure and tire pressure to the pressure in hydraulic systems.

In some cases, you may need to convert these pressures to different units. In this case, you can save time and do your work faster by using our converter.

What Does a Pressure Transducer Do?

The pressure transducer allows us to convert between different units of pressure. In various scientific and engineering calculations, it may be necessary to use other systems of units. In this case, the pressure transducer has an important place.

For example, a team working on an engineering project may use pressure values in psi according to American standards but need values in bars according to European Union standards. This is where our pressure transducer tool comes into play. In this way, you can make the conversion in seconds with our tool without having to make complex calculations.

Pressure Units Supported by Our Vehicle

Pascal (Pa): Pascal, the basic unit in pressure measurement, is defined as the effect of a Newton force on a square meter area.

Kilopascal (kPa): It is equal to one thousand pascals. It is used to measure larger pressure values.

Megapascal (MPa): It is a unit equal to one million pascals and is preferred in high pressure measurements.

Hektopaskal (hPa): It is equal to one hundred pascals and is often used in meteorology to measure air pressure.

Bar: It is a unit with a value of 100 kPa, which is almost equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level.

Torr: It is used to measure the pressure of the mercury column. 1 torr equals 1 mmHg pressure.

Psi (pound-force per square inch): It is defined as the force of one pound acting on an area of one square inch and is commonly used in the United States.

Ksi: It is a thousand times stronger than psi and is used to measure very high pressures.

How to Use a Pressure Units Converter?

Step 1: In the box named "Value", enter the amount of pressure units you want to convert.

Step 2: From the "Convert to Other" drop-down box, select what you want to convert the entered value to.

Step 3: Finally, all you have to do is click on the button called "Calculate". Our tool will perform the pressure conversion online for you and show you the results.

Pressure Unit Conversion Examples

Psi to Bar Conversion

For example, when a car tire pressure is measured at 32 psi, this value equals approximately 2.2 bar.

Kilopascal to Hectopascal Conversion

For example, a value of 300 kPa is equivalent to 3000 hPa.

Conversion from Bar to Megapascal

5 bar pressure equals approximately 0.5 MPa.

Conversion from Torr to Psi

For example, 760 torr is considered atmospheric pressure, which is approximately equal to 14.7 psi.

Converting Pressure from Hectopascals to Pascala

1 hPa pressure is equal to 100 Pa; therefore 850 hPa can be converted to 85000 Pa.