Convert json file to CSV format for free

What is a JSON File?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format used for storing and transferring data. This format, which is easy to read and write for humans, is also easily parsed and produced for machines.

It is generally preferred for data exchange between the server and the client in web applications. JSON stores data as key-value pairs. Thanks to this structure, data access and manipulation can be carried out quite simply and quickly.

JSON Examples

JSON data, such as the example below, can be converted to CSV format when pasted into our tool. Our tool also supports compressed json formats.

  "name": "Jack",
  "surname": "Simon",
  "age": 30,
  "married": false,
  "hobbies": ["football", "cinema", "reading books""],
  "address": {
    "city": "Newyork",
    "country": "United States"

You can also use the example above to test our tool. If you have large data, it may take some time for our tool to analyze the data. When the analysis is finished, your data will be converted to CSV format.

JSON to CSV Tool

Converting data from JSON format to CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format can be quite useful, especially when working with large data sets. The CSV format stores data as comma-separated values and is often used for storing and analyzing table-like data. Compatible with spreadsheet programs such as Excel, CSV is very convenient for data analysis and reporting.

In some cases you may need to convert JSON to CSV. Since the usage area of each site or application is different, the file format may also vary. This is where our tool comes into play. Users working with big data can use our tool to convert Json files in seconds and save time in their work.

How to Use JSON to CSV Converter?

Step 1: Enter your data in JSON format in the first box.

Step 2: If you are not familiar with the JSON format, you can view our tool's recommendation for you by using the "Sample" button before starting the conversion process.

Step 3: After data entry is completed, simply click on the button called "Convert". Our tool will convert the json data you enter into CSV format.

Step 4: When the conversion process is finished, the CSV data will appear in the box. You can copy this data and use it in the fields you want.