Probability Calculator

Calculate Probability: Learn dice, ball and lottery odds with just one click!

What is Probability Calculation?

Probability calculation is an essential mathematical concept used in a wide range of areas, from our daily decisions to complex scientific studies. This is where our free online probability calculator comes into play. This tool helps you mathematically calculate the chances of a particular event occurring. Its use is quite simple: first, you specify the total number of possible outcomes and the number of the desired outcome. The tool then uses this information to calculate the percentage probability of the event occurring. For example, what is the probability of getting a six when a dice is rolled? Answers to such questions can be easily found with the probability calculator. Thanks to this unique tool we have developed, you can reach the correct result immediately without wasting much time in your mathematical calculations!

How to Calculate Probability?

Probability calculation has a wide range of uses, from daily life to scientific studies, and our online probability calculation tool makes this process easier. This tool calculates the percentage chance of a particular event occurring. For example, if there are 2 red and 3 blue balls in a box, what is the probability of drawing a red ball? In this case, the total number of balls is 5 (2 red + 3 blue), and to calculate your probability of drawing a red ball, you need to divide the number of red balls (2) by the total number of balls (5). By entering this information in our online tool, you can quickly find out that your probability of drawing a red ball is 40%.

How can I calculate the draw probability?

Calculating the odds of winning in sweepstakes can sometimes seem complicated, but with our online odds calculator, the process becomes simple. Let's say you entered a raffle with 100 tickets and bought 1 ticket. You want to calculate your odds of winning. In this case, the number of participants (100) and the number of tickets you have (1) are entered into the odds calculator. Using this information, the tool calculates your odds of winning. In this example, your chance of winning is 1% (1 ticket / 100 tickets). Now, calculating probability is that easy, thanks to this tool!

How Can You Use Our Probability Calculator?

Step 1: You need to enter the total number in the first box. This number is the number of event results.

Step 2: In the second box, you need to enter the number of events that occurred. For example, if you write 6 in the first box and 1 in the second box, this tool will calculate the probability of the two numbers.

Step 3: What you need to do in this step is to click the "Calculate" button. After completing the calculation, you will reach a result like the image below. In these results; The probability of the event occurring and the probability of the event not occurring are included.