IP Address Lookup

You can query any IP address you want by using our IP address-finding tool

What is Internet Protocol (IP)?

The Internet is a vast network that connects the world, and devices in each corner of this network need a unique identifier to communicate with each other. These identifiers are also called IPs.

IP is a unique number assigned to every internet-connected device, distinguishing it from billions of other devices. To simplify it, you can think of this number as the product serial number. This number ensures that data exchange on the Internet reaches the correct addresses, just like the postal service delivers letters to you using your home address. If you want to have information about your IP address or a different IP address, you can use the tool we developed for free.

How Do I Find Out the IP Address of the Website?

Websites have their IP addresses, just like physical devices. Learning the IP address of a website may be necessary for various reasons. For example, if you are having problems accessing a site, you may need this information to determine if the problem is related to the IP address.

The easiest way to find out the IP address is to use our IP query tool that we offer online. This tool quickly provides you with the IP address associated with the site by simply entering the name of the website. In addition, after this query, you can also access information such as the country and city where the site is hosted.

Can I Access ISP Information with the IP Search Tool?

IP address query tools can provide not only the IP addresses of websites but also information about which Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses these IP addresses. This information is essential in network security and the fight against cybercrime. ISP information shows which geographic location an IP address is located in and which service provider it belongs to, which can be vital in cybercrime investigations.

Is it Possible to Find Address from IP?

IP addresses are typically associated with a geographic location, but the accuracy of that location varies. In general, an IP address can give a general idea of the city or region the user is located in but does not offer specific location information like a precise home address.

In particular, the use of technologies such as mobile devices and VPNs has made the connection of IP addresses with their physical locations even more complicated. Therefore, it is often not possible to find an exact address from an IP address. If you are querying a website, you can access country and city information so you can have information about where your site is hosted.

How Can I Use the IP Lookup Tool Online?

Step 1: First, you need to write the IP address you want to query into the box. This IP address can be a site address or the address of a different device.

Step 2: In this step, you can access the results safely and quickly by clicking the "Lookup" button.

Step 3: The picture below shows the IP query results of our site. When you make inquiries, you will reach similar results. In these results, you can find information such as region, city, postal code and ISP.

Frequently Asked Questions About IP Tool

What Are Static IP Addresses and How Do They Work?

Static IP addresses are IP numbers that remain fixed and do not change on the internet. It is often used for businesses and services that require remote access. Static IP always remains the same, allowing you to more easily manage your devices and servers over the internet.

What Do Dynamic IP Addresses Mean?

Dynamic IP addresses are IP numbers that can change with each internet connection and are typically used by home users. These numbers are usually identified automatically.

How to Find and Query IP Address?

You can use our online IP lookup tool to find the IP address. This tool shows the number of your desired website or your own IP address in just a few clicks.

What is the Role of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in IP Addresses?

The ISP assigns an IP address to every device connected to the internet. This assignment provides the user with access to the internet and the ISP routes the users' internet traffic through these IP addresses.

Who Owns the IP Address and How to Understand This Information?

The owner of the IP address is the ISP that assigned that address. The ISP manages IP addresses and tracks all internet traffic through these addresses. Our online IP lookup tool shows which ISP is using which IP address. In other words, you cannot access any name and surname information by querying the IP.