Electric Current Converter

Make free calculations between Ampere (A), Milliampere and Kiloampere

What is Current Intensity?

Current intensity expresses the strength of the electric current and basically shows the speed at which electrons pass through a conductor. This transition rate is measured by the amount of charge passing over a certain period and is expressed in amperes.

In the electrical world, this concept is measured in ampere (A), the basic unit of electric current. Accurate measurement of current intensity is essential for the safe and effective use of electrically powered devices.

Although ampere is a frequently used unit, in some cases, you may need to convert it into different current intensity units according to need. At this point, you can instantly convert your current to the units you want with our tool.

Current Units Supported by Our Vehicle

There are different units of current used in the field of electricity. The units supported by our tool are ampere (A), milliampere (mA) and kiloampere (kA). We have added the units most commonly used in calculations to our tool.

Each unit has its features and areas of use. Being able to convert between these units is essential for understanding and applying electrical processes at different scales.

Ampere (A) Converter

The ampere is the basic unit of electric current. It is generally used to measure the intensity of electric current used in homes and industrial applications. The ampere converter allows learning other current units by entering the ampere value.

Milliampere (mA) Converter

Milliampere is one-thousandth of the ampere and is generally used for small electronic devices, circuits, and situations requiring precise measurement. The milliamp converter is used to convert these small units to amperes or kiloamperes. In this way, it becomes possible to calculate electric current values in larger-scale systems.

Kiloampere Current Converter

Kiloampere is a thousand times larger than ampere and is used primarily in industrial facilities and sizeable electrical distribution systems that require high energy. The kiloampere converter is used to convert these large-scale currents into smaller, more manageable units.

How to Use Current Calculator?

Step 1: Write the current value you want to convert in the first box.

Step 2: Select the electrical unit you want to convert from the drop-down box called "Convert to Others".

Step 3: Just click on the button called "Calculate". Our tool will make all these complex calculations for you and show you the results instantly.

Conversion Examples

Ampere to Milliampere Conversion: Let's say we have a current of 2 amps. To convert it to milliamps, it will be 2 A x 1000 = 2000 mA.

Milliampere to Kiloampere Conversion: If you want to convert a current of 15000 milliamperes into kiloamperes, you can use this calculation. It becomes 15000 mA / 1,000,000 = 0.015 kA.

Kiloampere to Ampere conversion: Let's convert a current of 0.5 kA into ampere. It will be 0.5 kA x 1000 = 500 A.

These transformations show how electric current is processed at different scales and how it can be converted between units.