Case Converter

Online letter conversion tool makes your spelling easier by converting letters in texts to uppercase or lowercase

What does the Input Tool do?

The online translator tool is a practical solution that facilitates writing and editing in the digital environment. This tool functions to convert letters in texts to uppercase or lowercase. Making such edits manually can be time-consuming and tiring, especially in long texts or large projects. The letter translation tool handles this process in a few seconds.

This tool, which we developed to save time while doing your work, allows you to save time during the rest of the day. If you need to translate letters in a text, you can use this tool for free.

The tool has a simple interface and is very easy to use. Users paste their text into the tool's text box and choose the format they want to convert it to. Options include capitalizing the first letter of the sentence, writing all text in lowercase, writing all text in uppercase, or capitalizing the first letter of each word. These processes are essential to edit headings and subheadings, to give the texts an aesthetic appearance or to adapt to a specific writing format.

The online transliterator is an indispensable aid for anyone who types, from students to professionals. It is especially beneficial when preparing social media content, academic articles, blog posts or official documents. Thanks to this tool, spelling errors are prevented, and the texts are provided with a smoother and more readable structure.

Converting Uppercase Letters in Text to Lowercase

Our online text editing tool is ideal for editing the format of posts quickly and effectively. One of the most practical features of this tool is its ability to convert uppercase letters to lowercase letters. Especially in long texts or editorial works, this feature is of great importance in terms of time-saving and consistency. This simple-to-use tool allows you to convert text by copying and pasting quickly.

Writing All the Letters in the Sentence in Lowercase

This tool offers practical solutions for text editing. Among the features of this tool, the feature of converting all letters in the sentence to lowercase stands out. This feature saves a lot of time, especially when editing long texts or correcting inadvertently written capital letters. If you want to write a text entirely in lowercase letters, this feature will be handy!

How to Convert All Text to Uppercase Letters?

This tool offers an efficient and fast solution to convert your texts into uppercase letters. This process is beneficial in situations that require heading or highlighting. This incredibly easy-to-use tool allows you to convert all text to uppercase letters with a single click, simply by copying and pasting the text.

How Do I Capitalize the First Letter of All Words?

The feature of capitalizing all words gives your texts a professional and aesthetic appearance. This function makes your texts stand out when used in headings, subheadings or essential phrases. This tool is straightforward to use; you can convert the initials of all words to uppercase by simply pasting the text and clicking a button. If you have such a need, this tool we developed as moryconvert is precisely for your needs!

How to Use the Case Tool (Inversion)?

Step 1: First, you need to paste the text you want to translate into the required box. It does not matter whether this text is written in capital letters or lowercase letters. Therefore, simply paste the text you have previously written into the field.

Step 2: You must choose which feature the text you want to convert will use. These;

  • Sentence Case: This feature allows you to enlarge only the initials of your text. If you have a long text, it writes all letters in lowercase and only capitalizes the initials.
  • Lower Case: Our lowercase feature converts all text in lowercase letters and gives you a copy of your converted text.
  • Upper Case: When you use this feature, it does not matter whether the text contains uppercase or lowercase letters. This feature converts all letters in the text to uppercase letters.
  • Capitalized Case: Our last feature, the letter enlargement feature, is the most popular feature. This feature capitalizes the first letter of the letters following all spaces in the text.

Step 3: After completing the feature selection, you must click on the button of the feature you selected.

Step 4: That's it! Your text has now been translated and delivered to you with the features you desire. The image below shows an example of converting all text to capital letters.