Binary to ASCII

Instantly convert binary codes to ASCII texts

How Does the Binary System Work?

The binary system, also known as the binary system, is one of the cornerstones of computer science. This system represents information using only two numbers.

These numbers are 0 and 1. These two numbers represent the states on (1) and off (0) in circuits in electronic devices. Therefore, the binary system is the language of modern technology. Our computers, smartphones, tablets and all our other digital devices work using this language.

Why Use Binary to ASCII Conversion Tool?

ASCII is a coding system that computers use to represent text. Each letter, number, and unique character corresponds to a specific number in the ASCII table. These numbers are expressed in binary format.

The binary to ASCII conversion tool is a tool that converts these two different coding systems. Thanks to our tool, we can convert a series of bits expressed in binary into meaningful text.

Binary to ASCII Conversion Example

For example, the binary code 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 corresponds to the characters H, e, l, l, o in the ASCII table, respectively. In this way, we can create text messages thanks to binary codes.

How Does Binary to ASCII Conversion Work?

Step 1: Enter the binary data you want to convert to ASCII in the box.

Step 2: After completing the data entry, click the "Convert" button.

Step 3: Our tool will complete the conversion process for you and show you the ASCII text. The image below shows a text output converted with our tool.